Scott High School Community HUB

The Schools as Community Hubs strategy came to Toledo in 2011 through the collaborative efforts of United Way and Toledo Public Schools (TPS). Five schools in the TPS district were chosen to be Hub schools: Leverette Elementary, Pickett Academy, Reynolds Elementary, Robinson Elementary, and Scott High School. The mission of the strategy is to align resources to create thriving communities resulting in everyone achieving their potential. The vision of the strategy is to foster safe and healthy communities where everyone has the opportunity for growth and success.

The schools are called “Hubs” to acknowledge their central location for the collection and distribution of community resources. Hub schools organize community partners to offer wraparound services such as medical, dental and mental healthcare, mentoring, and community engagement events in order to address the problems that keep students from succeeding.  

Lutheran Social Services is recognized as the lead partner in this circle of support. The Director is Joe Peterson, who works closely with the students and community partners.