Aha Moments!!!

Kyle Idleman has written a new book entitled AHA.   We have all had aha! moments when a sudden revelation surprises us with insight.  In AHA, Idleman identifies three key elements that can draw us closer to God and change lives for good.   

There is a time of “Awakening” to the reality of our true spiritual condition, we see ourselves and our need for our Savior with raw “Honesty” to help us in our greatest hours of need.  This realization leads to “Action”, obeying God's commands and following the example set by Christ.  The result is a life-changing, destiny-altering - an AHA moment that leads us home to the arms of our loving God.

When we discussed the theme for our “Let’s Be The Change” campaign, we talked about change and that we are called to be the change for countless individuals who grace our doorsteps looking for the care they need.  "Let's Be The Change" provides a clear message of what we are about as the family of Lutheran Social Services.  Those we serve have come to a point in their lives where they have an "Awakening" to their need for help.  They have come to the "Honest" realization that they cannot reshape their lives by themselves. And so they take "Action" to make a difference - to make the decision to figure out how to change their lives for the better.

Lutheran Social Services is the place where those changes can happen.  We are the place where they can begin to find the "AHA" moment in their lives.  That is what our ministry is about - bringing the "AHA" moments into the lives of Christ's children.

"Let's Be The Change" is our way to be sure that our Christian ministry will continue to be here for generations to come.  These are challenging times but we are confident that together we can attain our goal of raising the funds that will thrust us confidently into the future.  We are proud of our past, we are prepared for our ever-changing present, but we must be passionate about our future so that we can continue every day to bring "AHA" opportunities to those who come to us awakened to their needs, honest about their desire to change, and now look to us to help design the actions needed to accomplish them.

Whatever your ability to provide resources, I encourage you to make the commitment to fund this ministry. All gifts move us toward our goal - that of bringing AHA moments to as many people as we can.  Please contact Rev. Mark Hill, LSS Development Director or me to discuss what you might be able to do to further this ministry.  “Let's Be The Change” is about changing lives, and that includes yours, as you respond to the work our Lord calls all of us to be a part of every day of our lives.

Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio

Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio (LSSNWO) is a Christian agency founded in 1911 by the Fremont Conference of the American Lutheran Church. LSSNWO is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and recognized by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). More than 200 Lutheran congregations in Northwestern Ohio are corporate members of LSSNWO. Lutheran Social Services also is a member of one of the nation’s largest service organization – Lutheran Services of America.